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The website of Roger Rosewell, author of the acclaimed ‘Medieval Wall Paintings in English and Welsh churches’.

Churches Conservation Trust site detailing all the medieval wall paintings to be found in the churches in their care.

A developing site that features many hundreds of images of medieval wall paintings.

Listed below are links to a number of sites that relate to medieval wall paintings and the Lakenheath Project.

If you are interested in learning more about medieval wall paintings, and discovering where you can visit many surviving examples, we recommend the following works.

Medieval Wall Paintings in English

and Welsh Churches

by Roger Rosewell

255 colour illustrations
6 b/w illustrations
384 pages
Size: 24.4 x 17.2
10 digit ISBN: 1843833689
13 digit ISBN: 9781843833680
Published by The Boydell Press, Woodbridge

Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

"...my Easter book of the year, Roger Rosewell's Medieval Wall Paintings, a magisterial compendium of this most elusive English vernacular form."

Christopher Howse, The Telegraph

"A splendid new book. Mr Rosewell knows what he is talking about, and explains how the paintings were made, what they mean, who paid for them, and how they've fared since.

But the immediately impressive aspect of his book is its illustrations…

More information

Website of the conservation team that undertook the conservation work on the Lakenheath wall paintings.

Project management and interpretation of the Lakenheath wall paintings project.

Medieval Wall Paintings: The Blog

Dr Ellie Pridgeon’s excellent and ever growing blog about medieval wall paintings. News, events and more…


Not quite what it sounds like. Miriam Gill’s excellent site dealing with depictions of the seven deadly sins in wall paintings.