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One of the other great treasures of Lakenheath church are the fantastic collection of 15th century carved bench ends. Although many of them now show a great deal of wear, as it to be expected after over 500 years of constant use, they are one of the finest collections in East Anglia and contain a number of images that are not to be found anywhere else. One of the most famous is the ‘tiger and the mirror’, an image that refers to the medieval belief that to steal a tigers cubs you must leave a mirror in their place. The tigress would then be distracted by the mirror, fascinated by her own reflection, leaving the thief to depart in peace.

The pews date to the late 15th century and we have evidence that they were entirely paid for by members of the parish. In his will of 1483 local landowner William Lacy left a sum of money for the ‘stooling’ of the church.

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