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Face of the 15th century Risen Christ after conservation.

Mark Perry, conservation director, at work on the main pier of the north arcade.

The westernmost angel of the 13th century scheme on the north arcade.

Upper right section of the main pier in the north arcade. The 13th century angel is clearly shown surrounded by faces from later paint schemes.

St Edmund, circa 1350. His symbol of the 3 arrows can be seen towards to bottom of the image.

Detail of the face of St Edmund, circa 1350.

Upper section of the 15th century Risen Christ located on the south side of the chancel arch.

Detail from the mid 13th century scheme showing part of the Carrying of the Cross scene from the Passion Cycle.

Detail of one of the angels from the 13th century scheme on the north arcade.

Doug cleaning the 13th century scroll work decoration located on the arches of the north arcade.

Bianca Madden removes fragments of reformation lime-wash from the 13th century angels.

Scrollwork pattern from the circa 1350 scheme located beneath the arches of the north arcade.

Festival of British Archaeology open days proved particularly popular as part of the project, attracting many hundreds of visitors to the church.

The Rev. Robert Leach admires the 13th century angels from the top of the scaffolding.

One of the 13th century angels on the north arcade appears to hold a severed head on its outstretched hand. However, the head dates to at least a century later.

The reformation did not mark the end of painted decoration at Lakenheath. This text frame is one of several that were painted in the early 17th century on the south arcade.

Figures emerging from the  mouth of hell in the circa 1350 scheme.

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